Cinematic vision creeps into everything I see and do, and I find myself with a constant desire to capture the beauty of the Rocky Mountains where I live. 

The vision, however, is only part of the art. Fulfilling the vision is my true passion, and there’s nothing I enjoy more than the challenge of great cinematography. I love the complexity of capturing a moment perfectly, whether it be through difficult lighting or demanding camera moves, and I can’t focus on anything else once I start thinking about a shot. Most of my frustration on shoot days comes from being forced to take breaks.

When I’m not shooting, I often work on technology and engineering projects. Right now I’m working on designing a new matte box. Twice a year, I teach citizen scientist-astronaut candidates how to capture imagery of noctilucent clouds in preparation for Virgin Galactic’s suborbital space flights. I also am a certified space suit technician, and head suborbital flight simulations with the potential astronauts. I love playing and writing music, and writing stories that I hope to tell through film someday. But, right now, all of those things take a back seat to capturing images. Cinematography and photography are not only my profession, but are my greatest passion.

Every film I shoot is an opportunity to better my skills. I’ll never reach a point where I can’t grow, but every project is a step forward.