My RED DSMC2 camera package or other cameras and gear are available in Aspen, Vail, Glenwood Springs and the surrounding areas (and Denver). I also have small grip package that I will rent out for local (Aspen/Vail/GJ area) shoots.

RED DSMC2 Dragon 6K with PL mount
Sony F3 PL mount
Sony A7SIII with EF and PL mounts
Sony A7III with EF and PL mounts
DJI Mavic Air 2 Drone

PL Mount Lenses:

Atlas Orion Anamorphic 40mm T2
Atlas Orion Anamorphic 80mm T2

Irix 11mm prime
Irix 15mm prime
Irix 21mm prime
Irix 30mm prime
Irix 45mm prime
Irix 150mm 1:1 macro prime

Strange old 300mm

Other Lenses:
Sony E 24-105 f/4
Canon EF 24-70 f/2.8 (geared for focus)
EF 14mm Rokinon (geared)
Canon EF 65/2.8 1-5x macro

Tokina Pro IRND .3-2.1
Formatt Hitech Grad ND 1.2
Schneider Radiant Soft 2
Revar Cine Scarf Dust
Tiffen Black Pro Mist 1/8
Cavision Black Frost 1/8
Revar Cine Rota Pola
NiSi Clear
Anti-reflection wedges

Tiffen Black Pro Mist 1/4 (screw on for Canon 24-70, Sony 24-105)
Tiffen ND .9 (screw on for Canon 24-70, Sony 24-105)
Irix ND 1.2 (screw on for Irix)
Irix Pola (screw on for Irix)
Gobe variable ND (screw on for Irix)

Matte Boxes
Light Widow FRS-Light (3 stage)
Misfit Atom (2 stage, no trays)

Tripods / Support
Miller Cinx 5 head 46lb payload (compatible with 100mm bowl and Mitchel base)
Manfrotto Nitrotech head 26lb payload
Lightweight Tripod legs (2)
Small tripod + head for c cam if needed
6′ Camera Goat slider (like a Dana dolly) with 100mm, 75mm, and Mitchel mounts
2′ Rhino Slider
Weebill-s gimbal for A7SIII

Monitoring / Wireless Video
Small HD Focus 7″ SDI Monitor with Bolt Receiver
Atomos 7″ HDMI monitor
Portkeys 7″ SDI / HDMI monitor
Teradek Bolt 500
Portkeys Claymore Wireless SDI / HDMI
Preston Fiz 1 HU + 2 motors

Camera Accessories
Preston FIZ with MDR, HU1 + 2 motors
Media (480, 240, 120 for RED, SD cards for others cameras)
15mm Dovetail baseplates for RED, F3, and A7SIII
2 Standard dovetails (for RED), 2 Tilta dovetails (for A7sIII, F3)
V-mounts x 7 (95 WH)

3.5K equivalent Intellytech Light Cannon Pro LED fresnel (daylight, CRI>98)
3K equivalent Intellytech Light Cannon 485 LED fresnel (daylight, CRI>95)
2K equivalent Dracast LED fresnel (daylight, CRI>90)
300w equivilent Intellytech LED fresnels x2 (daylight, CRI>95) V-Mount or AC powered
24″ 4-bank florescent fixture (daylight tubes)
24″ 3-bank Quasar tube LED fixture (tungsten tubes)
Bi-color Quasar Q-Lion tubes: 24″x1, 7″x4 (battery powered)
6×12″ LED panel Bi-Color (V-Mount powered)

C-Stands x 4
Gobo arms x 5
Light stands baby x 7
Riser junior stand x 1
Low boy junior/baby roller stands x 2

Frames & Rags / Fabric
8×8 Frame
8×8′ Unbleached Muslin
8×8′ Full Silent Grid
8×8′ 1/4 Silent Grid
6×5′ Frame
6×5′ Poly Silk
6×5′ Egg crate
4×8′ Poly diffusion cloth x2
4.5×7′ Duvatine cloth x 2
4×10′ Hemp black cloth x 3

4×4′ floppy
4×4′ solid
1×2′ solid
2×3′ silk
2×3′ silk/shiny/solid
4×8′ foam/beadboard
1×2′ double net
1×2′ silk

Other Grip
Full apple boxes x 2
Half apple boxes x 2
Cardellini clamps x2
CTO, CTB, Diff gels
Sand bags x 8
Various Pony Clamps x30
Black Wrap
25′ Stingers x 2
50′ Stingers x 2
Triple Tap x 4
Various other grip accessories

Get in touch for a custom quote.

Camera Rental & G&E Rental available in:
Glenwood Springs
Grand Junction
Steamboat Springs
Buena Vista
Crested Butte

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